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Thursday, 01 January 2015 00:00

ALFA MACHINE expanded the business in Russian market with completion of an innovative turn-key FFS project for Lactis industry. The well-known Russian dairy company invested in packaging, introducing a modern thermoformed multipack appropriate for yogurt (plain and with fruits).

Sizes of multipacks (4 cups per group) are 100g till 150g.

Production capacity: 18,000 cups per hour.

Model: FRS-L 25/40

Hygienic level: Ultra-Clean (closed air tunnel in filling area supplied by high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters and UV light (by Heraeus) for the treatment of lid material.

The FRS-L 25/40 is equipped with two (2) volumetric high-accuracy filling units.

The first is appropriate for dosing fruit pulp and jams, filling in the bottom of the cup and the second is appropriate for dosing a variety of dairy products from liquid till viscous Greek-yogurt. Both filling units are made by stainless steel 316L, cleaned automatically with Clean-In-Place (CIP) process connected and programmed by a central facility.

The ALFA MACHINE patented In Mould Labelling (IML) system is integrated for the application of paper label fed by roll form and decorating three (3) sides of the cup including the bottom (for barcode). The system is driven by servomotors ensuring maximum speed and precision, offering quality appearance to this healthy natural product.

ALFA MACHINE also supplied a servomotor driven Tray Packing system with packing capacity 1500 trays per hour. A Tray Erector unit (by Endoline, UK) is connected with the Tray Packing system forming trays with hot melt glue.

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