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Home News Kolios Dairy trusts Alfa Machine for Greek yogurt packaging
Kolios Dairy trusts Alfa Machine for Greek yogurt packaging PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 08 October 2015 12:08

ALFA MACHINE continues the successful way in the dairy sector with completion of a new Fill-Seal machine for Kolios Dairy. The famous exporter of quality Greek yogurt purchased a new 8 heads Fill-Seal machine with integrated state-of-art sterilization equipment for improved hygiene.

Sizes of yogurt cups are 200g to 500g.

Production capacity: 14,500 cups per hour.

Model: FCM30-L8

The FCM30-L8 is equipped with two (2) volumetric filling units dosing with high-accuracy Greek yogurt and other dairy products.

The first is appropriate for dosing fruit pulp and jams, filling in the bottom of the cup and the second is appropriate for dosing a variety of dairy products from liquid till viscous Greek-yogurt.  Both filling units are made by stainless steel 316L, cleaned automatically with Clean-In-Place (CIP) process connected and programmed by a central facility.

Hygienic level: Ultra-Clean (closed cabin supplied by high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters and Pulsed-UV light for the sterilization of both cups and lid grommets. This new Pulsed-UV technology is integrated on the line by Alfa Machine because of its remarkable advantages against traditional sterilization techniques:

· Very high peak power

· Controlled, narrow pulses

· Instant on/off (no warm-up required)

· Low inherent heat

· No Mercury or other toxic & dangerous chemicals

· do not contain gas at high atmospheric pressure

Especially with its high peak energy, the Pulsed-UV technology destroys DNA in seconds.

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