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After twenty six years of continuous efforts Alfa Machine is righteously considered a leading company in the field of packaging. Regarding our future, along with the innovative spirit which characterizes us and the vast experience in machine manufacturing, our best guide is our past.

1983: Alfa Machine is founded by Dimitris and Yannis Kourtoglou as a machinery manufacturing company, specializing in the food packaging sector. The Kourtoglou brothers brought with them many years of experience in the food processing industry, mainly in the canning and juice production fields. Dimitri's past employment as a mechanical engineer and Yanni's background as an electronics/electrical engineer, provided the foundations of Alfa Machine's technological expertise.

1985: While the company began its course as a Fill-Seal machinery manufacturer, in late 1985 built its first thermoforming machine – a real milestone for the company in terms of its future technological and business growth. Needless to say, this machine is still working...

1989: Alfa Machine is making its first international appearance in packaging exhibitions in Italy, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

1995: Driven by its innovative spirit and the market's demand for a wider range of packaging solutions, Alfa Machine has developed the FRV series. The FRV was characterized a revolution of the FFS field, since it offered special cups/containers in shapes that were previously impossible to be formed on traditional FFS machines.

1996: Another milestone in the company's evolution. As a result of the acquired technological experience in manufacturing food packaging machinery, Alfa Machine has adopted a completely new designing and manufacturing system based on a holistic approach. This, also, allowed the company to modernize its facilities and international image which was further reinforced by the first participation in the Interpack exhibition. Since then, Alfa Machine has a permanent presence to the Interpack and Emballage exhibitions.

1999: In that year Alfa Machine developed a Quality Assurance system to ISO 9001 specifications, which led to obtaining the ISO 9001 Certificate in 2001. The company maintains and updates the Quality Assurance system ever since.

2007: Twenty four years since Alfa Machine was founded, it was necessary that the machine range offered should be revised to meet the future packaging demands. In this context, these future needs of the company were defined which led to the launching of the MiniForm project - in order to satisfy small/medium sized production volumes - and the total review of the machine range design. In addition to the above, the manufacturing methods were optimized and the company's facilities were further extended.

2008: After six years of strenuous research and in an effort to provide another innovation for the FFS world, Alfa Machine is launching the In Mould Labelling (IML) application system during the Interpack 2008 exhibition. This is considered a breakthrough of the thermoforming machines as the IML decoration method was only used in injection moulding until then.