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In a continuous effort to satisfy our customer's demands, our products are supported during their life cycle. We believe in the significance of our after sales services, as it is an important factor for the productivity optimization of our machinery. Hence we have developed this section of our organization giving great attention to the responsiveness ability.

We offer full technical support by our experienced personnel for all different aspects of the machine, i.e. Mechanical, electrical, electronics etc.

The spare-part lists have been organized and presented in a way that can help both the customer and our staff to communicate with ease, minimizing both the response time and possible mistakes.
Consumable stocks are always kept in our storage and can be immediately dispatched. In addition, we have developed a priority system in order to be able to manufacture and deliver parts, within minimum lead time.

Our machine models are equipped with real time dual way, communication system, allowing direct operational monitoring from the factory, for quick identification of operation problems or direct intervention to it (Telediagnostics system).