CIP Connection Accommodation

Specially designed Filling Unit and extra equipment for C.I.P. (Clean - In - Place) connection accommodation. Servopiston driven operation of the Filling Station (automatic adjustment of dosing through the touch screen control panel).

Pulsed-UV technology for the decontamination of cups and lid material

Log4 reduction rate of microbes
500 Joules per pulse with 1-2 pulses per machine step
Stainless steel housing with IP65 protection
Pulsed UV devices do not contain mercury

Multiple filling stations

Multiple individual filling stations, with servodriven operation, appropriate for dosing different (from liquid up to viscous) products depending on the application needs. For example, jam dosing in the bottom of the cup and yogurt dosing on the upper part of the cup, or in a different compartment if it's split cup.

FCM30-L6 & FCM30-L8

  • Linear Fill-Seal machine
  • Production Capacity: up to 15,000 cups or tubs per hour.
  • LOG4 reduction rate of microbes
  • Less than 1% oxygen rate in the headspace of the cup after sealing.
  • Ultra Clean or laminar flow hygienic versions.
  • Fully servomotor driven
  • Easy to operate
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Refeeding of packaging materials without machine stop.
  • Pre die-cut or roll stock lid film
  • Filling volume range: up to 1L.

Ultra-Clean and Laminar Flow versions
  • Pulsed-UV curing systems for the decontamination of cups and lid material.
  • Inert gas flushing providing modified atmosphere packaging (less than 1% oxygen measured in the headspace of the container).
  • Fully CIP and SIP connectable Filling unit
  • Class 100 clean air supply unit is consisting of:
    • Coarse dust filter (G4)
    • Fine dust filter (F9)
    • HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter H14
  • Appropriate for single cups, split cups, cups with snap on lid, small buckets and trays.
  • Maximum flexibility appropriate for cups, containers, tubs.
  • Large 10" touch screen control panel.
  • Suitable for semi-viscous products such as yogurt, cream, butter, jam, honey, chocolate paste, sauces and many more.
  • All systems are controlled by a PLC unit. All the settings and error messages are displayed on the touch screen control panel.
  • Remote diagnosis application for remote intervention and repair.

The FMC30-L6/L8 machines can be optionally supplied with the the mobile CIP Feeder and the mobile Butter Extruder mechanism.