Packaging solutions

Below you can see some packaging solutions which are produced by our FFS machines. Filter them out by choosing your desired kind of packaging.
Giaourtaki 4ada OLY
IMG 3875
Kipella Giaourti Aspra OLA
IMG 0851
Giaourtaki 2ada TRIKKH
Fraoula 4ada
100-150g multipacks Olympus dairy
Split cup - 2 compartments
Taper Anapodo
IMG 0834
Primula Cheese
DSC 0032
IMG 0827
Birch Waite Maple Flavoured Syrup Portion
Finetti 100gr
YomByom Xorismata
DSC 0060s
Papayiannis Honey
IBQwCS0A227zeqAnU218 Large
Tesco 2rooms
Giaourti ANTOS Megalo
Plastic Cup Yogurt
Chocofreda 400gr
Marmelada Agrifada
Giaourti GALPO
Fineti 8ada
ION Nucrema
HAI Taper
Tomataki With Tomato
Frv Product1
Frv Product2
Frv Product3
Gialino Bazaki
Pilino Bazaki 1
Pilino Bazaki 2
Koubadaki GALPO
Koubas 3Kg
Koubas 5Kg
200 400g Single Cups Olympus

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