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After Sales

Alfa Machine supports you over the entire life cycle of your packaging machine. Working with you as your best ally, we offer personalized after-sales services to guarantee smooth operation of your equipment and maximize your production efficiency.

Service Agreements

Preventive maintenance means reduced production risk, better performance of your equipment and fewer breakdowns. We support you by developing tailored service packages in form of agreements, depending on your individual needs.

The service agreements include a pre-determined number of scheduled visits of our technical experts over a period of one or two years, during which they perform a comprehensive health-check in every station of the machine. After their visit you receive a detailed service report which indicates the current state of the machine and identifies the parts that are worn out and need to be replaced. Along with the service report we attach a spare parts offer followed by installation drawings. These scheduled visits in regular intervals serve our common goals:

  • ensure your Alfa Machine equipment operates with maximum efficiency and
  • increase production reliability.

Spare Parts

Our highly customized packaging machines lead to a wide range of spare parts which are available on request even after 20 years of the initial installation. Alfa Machine provides you with quality-approved original spare parts ensuring the long-term performance of your machines. The in-house manufacturing of the parts allows us to be flexible and efficient, but also guarantees high quality and short delivery time.

We also develop spare parts lists customized to your needs in order to help you keep all the essential items available to your premises for planned maintenance procedures, as well as to avoid unplanned production downtimes.

Remote Assistance & Troubleshooting

Remote assistance is a quick and cost-efficient way to offer you direct support whenever you need it. Thanks to secure cloud technology our experienced technicians are able to connect to your equipment, help you with troubleshooting, provide a diagnosis and either resolve any issue remotely or offer you step-by-step guidance to perform any repair needed.

On-Site Services

Our highly skilled service engineers have proven experience in servicing Alfa Machine equipment world-wide. We provide a complete range of field service and support from the installation of machinery to maintenance and consulting services. During these visits, service engineers inspect, test, and make any necessary adjustments to bring your equipment back to optimal operating levels.

Customer-Specific Manuals

Alfa Machine supplies you with a comprehensive set of digital and interactive manuals, specially edited and illustrated for each individual packaging machine. This includes operation, maintenance, pneumatic and electrical information, troubleshooting charts as well as mechanical drawings. Our goal is to educate you about your equipment and help you understand how to operate your machine and perform proper maintenance. In case of additions on the equipment we always provide you with a revised edition of the documentation.


Alfa Machine provides customized comprehensive training, performed on-site, for your operators and maintenance technicians, as a part of the machine installation, in order to make them confident and efficient to operate, maintain and troubleshoot your equipment. These training sessions include hands-on training but also guidance on how to find what you need in the instruction manuals. In case you need to train new personnel to operate and maintain the machine, our engineers will come to your premises and provide the training combining their trip with a machine inspection, or a planned service procedure.

Upgrades & Modifications

As technology evolves at a rapid pace we recognize the need for constant advice of any available product upgrades and offer you all the information about technical innovations that could modernize your electrical, mechanical and safety equipment.

Furthermore, you can rely on our team of experts for all your questions about the required and feasible modifications in case you want to change the shape or material of your packaging or even when you consider switching to a new product.

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