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FRV Series

The FRV series are designed to offer packaging shapes which are impossible for any other traditional FFS machines. An FRV machine incorporates all known FFS advantages but what differentiates it from other FFS series is the ability to form special geometry of containers with external body curves like vase shapes, using split-mould technology.

It is the most reliable and economic solution for cups with thread for reclosable packages and due to its innovative design offers large savings on packaging materials.

Key Features:

  • Special geometry tailor-made cup.

  • Punching unit for single cups.

  • Servo technology employed in every station of the machine.

  • Stainless steel chain with spikes for the advancing of cups.

  • Combination of sterilization filters supplying clean air in the forming area, consisting of: pre-filter, active carbon filter and sterilization filter.

  • Maximum flexibility and user-friendly interface of HMI.

  • Easy to operate and maintain.

Production Capacity:

Packaging                                     min                           max

400ml cups with
Ø85mm top rim*:               4,000 pcs/hour         4,500 pcs/hour

180-200ml cups with
Ø60mm top rim*:               6,500 pcs/hour         7,000 pcs/hour

* Depending on project specifications


  • Modified atmosphere packing with inert gas flushing (under 1% residual oxygen).
  • Ultra-Clean hygiene level equipped with:
    • Laminar flow cabinet with class 100 clean air
      overpressure consisting of:
      • Coarse dust filter (G4)
      • Fine dust filter (F9)
      • HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter H14.
    • Closed tunnel with sterile air overpressure, extended from the forming area up to the sealing station.
    • UV-C system or Pulsed-UV light (up to LOG3) for cups and lid material sterilization.
  • Advanced base and lid material tracking for individual print lidding, consistent sealing and cutting of each cup.
  • Dual ionizing bars for the base material, equipped with dust vacuum unit.
  • Extended operation with double reel feeders for base and lid material for minimal downtime.
  • Automatic separation of the base and lidding waste materials for recycling purposes.
  • Multiple filling stations.